This year I decided I wanted to be better about documenting things. Over the past few years I have come to the realization that my memory is utter crap. There are so many little things that have happened over the past five or ten years that I just simply don’t remember anymore and that bugs me. This is my first year fully on my own, and I want to remember it. So here I am.

Why not purchase a journal and write like a normal person, you ask? Well, I’m bad at it. I know I’m bad at it. My 30-something mostly blank journals can attest to that. Above many things, I’m a writer. I’ve written since before I knew what letters were (my mom has that journal of scribbles somewhere, and it may very well be the only journal I’ve ever filled cover to cover) and sometimes I think writers need to write for an audience, or even the concept of an audience (hi, internet). At least I know I do, so again, here I am.

When I first purchased my name’s domain, I had all intents of creating a portfolio website to help me further my currently budding but mostly non-existent career in film. However, after several failed attempts due to my high standards and low website-coding skills, I decided that I would forgo perfection and utilize this site for something I really care about. Along the way (and very soon), my professional work will become integrated into this site, but for now, I just wanted to get started.


This year, I have set a couple goals for myself, which I fully plan on chronicling here if you would like to join me for the ride.

1. Document More

This I’ve mostly already explained, but the main thing behind this is that I want to post 5 posts per week. There won’t be set days because I know myself, and set days is setting myself up for failure. Also, how am I supposed to know which 5 days are going to be interesting? I don’t. So 5 posts per week about something it is. Those somethings will become a little more clear soon.

2. Achieve Health

At the beginning of the year people tend to set a lot of unreasonable goals about their health/weight/physical appearance/etc… I’m not going to do that. I refuse to set goals in the form of pounds or beauty ideals because they’re almost never attainable. My health goals for this year are going to focus around milestones. Exercising more regularly, cooking healthy meals instead of going out for dinner, and focusing on my mental health. Right now is my chance to set up healthy routines that will help keep me from continuing many of the not-so-great habits I had formed in college as it is my first year out on my own and with no one else depending on me. If I don’t start now, when will I?

3. Explore

Not only is this my first year out of my parent’s house, but it is also my first year in a new city. I’m just about as far from home as I could get while staying in the continental United States and I refuse to let the days slip by. The days that aren’t taken up by work (more on that soon) are going to be filled with hiking, day trips, museums, and anything else that I can find on a budget. Hopefully, I’ll be able to inspire a couple of you to join me in making the most of your surroundings in the precious extra time you have as well.


And so, I leave you for today with one of my favorite pictures I took in 2015. It was from the last hike I took while still living on the East Coast and was very much a “Goodbye, For Now” moment. So goodbye 2015, goodbye New York, and hello to new opportunities on a new coast.


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