On Progress

I’m getting this one right under the wire today, but I’ve had one of those days where I didn’t stop moving since I woke up this morning. I’ve felt pretty crappy the past few days and I’ve had a constant headache for most of these week. When they’re really bad I always worry about driving a little bit so I haven’t made it to any of Jeffrey’s classes, but I have been diligently sticking to my running schedule and have been doing workouts at home when my head doesn’t feel like it’s totally killing me.

Today, for the first time since I’ve been out in LA/cut out all processed foods/started running, I went clothes shopping. For the first time since freshman year of college I had the completely unfrustrating situation of the clothes I was trying on actually fitting 100% of the time and not constantly going back and forth between sizes.

Progress with one’s appearance is funny. Especially because most of the time we want change to be instant, when that would be impossible. Except one day, you suddenly realize that your pants are a little looser than they felt yesterday, and that dress you’ve been eyeing in the store suddenly fits.

I’m still a long way from where I eventually want to be, and I have a long road ahead. But I’m not gonna lie, my little victory of fitting into a size at Urban Outfitters that I haven’t been able to in a really long time, feels pretty awesome.



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