February Recap Part 2

Recap #1.5

I decided to split this into two parts because after spending a good two hours writing everything out I realized there is no way any normal human would sit through the whole thing in one sitting. Truthfully, I don’t think any normal human would want to read these anyway, but I still don’t really care because it’s for me. Anyway, onwards and upwards.

  • February 26, 2016

This day was mostly uneventful other than the fact that I pet sit for a friend and old boss from my RA days with ICLA. Really I just wanted to post the adorable pictures of pet love I got from the day. Also, if you need a pet sitter in the LA area for any reason, I volunteer and can show proof I won’t kill your animals.



  • February 27th, 2016

DISNEYLAND! While not quite the happiest place on earth (that’s reserved for Disneyworld) Disneyland is a pretty great alternative. Not to mention it’s not that far away and I am now an annual pass holder which means I can go almost whenever I want. This trip is my first since being back out in LA as well as my first as a pass holder, so it was pretty great. Along on this trip were Cassie and Matt, and we killed it all day. Clocking in at a final step count of over 30,000, we definitely did the day right. We never stayed in one park for more than two attractions at a time and accidentally watched both park’s parades and had front row seats for World of Color – which none of us had seen since they revamped it for the Diamond Celebration. All in all, excellent day. And without further ado, our day’s activities are as follows:

  1. Grabbed fast passes for Space Mountain. (Disneyland)

    Photo Cred: Cassie
  2. Star Tours – They updated with the new characters from The Force Awakens and everything was perfect. Also the wait time was supposed to be 40 minutes. Crushed it in 15. (Disneyland)
  3. Big Thunder Mountain – One of my favorites because of how anticlimactic it is. It was amazing. (Disneyland)
  4. Coffee? – I think this goes here. We were Little Mermaid Characters. It was cute. And delicious.
  5. Haunted Mansion – Classic. Last time I was here it was during the Nightmare Before Christmas takeover and I hadn’t been on the original since Disneyworld in 2012 – so it was perfect in every way. We also walked onto the front porch. Nailed it. (California Adventure)
  6. Snagged our fast passes for World of Color – reserved for the Yellow section – aka the good one. (California Adventure)
  7. Tower of Terror – Favorite ride of all time. Basically walked into the prep room without waiting. Amazing. (California Adventure)
  8. Fast passed our way onto Hyperspace Mountain – While Disneyworld’s space mountain is one of my favorites in Disneyworld, the one in Disneyland is essentially the same but newer and not as jerky (making it even better) add the Star Wars additions to make it Hyperspace Mountain which basically means just taking the same ride and playing the theme song REALLY LOUDLY and it becomes the ultimate roller coaster.
  9. Lunch Break! And I got my BB-8 cup.
  10. Grabbed fast passes for Indiana Jones. (Disneyland)

    Photo Cred: Nice Human 1
    Photo Cred: Nice Human 1
  11. Single-Ridered our way onto Radiator Springs Racers – This was my first time on this one and I loved it. The animatronics are something else and while we didn’t all wind up in the same car, only waiting 35 minutes instead of over an hour was totally worth it. (California Adventure)
  12.  California Screaming – Best wooden roller coaster of all time, hands down. Was the last time and still is. (California Adventure)
  13. Grabbed fast passes for Tower of Terror later in the evening because why not? Once is never enough but that line in the evening is way too long.
  14. Fast pass for Indiana Jones – Another first, it’s always been broken when I’ve been in the past, and it was worth the wait. I hate rides that simulate bugs on the floor, so I instinctively lifted my feet when that part happened but all in all, I really enjoyed this one. (Disneyland)
  15. Dole Whip – Long was stupidly long so we snuck around through the Tiki Room side but did not subject ourselves to the Tiki Room. I sang my way through the line anyway. This line 100% took longer than most of our rides. Worth it. (Disneyland)
  16. Snow White – at this point is was a little after 3pm and we were definitely starting to slow down a bit. Cassie had never been on this one and for being one of the little dinky ones, it is absolutely terrifying. Matt and I decided it was an experience she needed. (Disneyland)

    Photo Cred: Cassie
  17. Mickey’s Soundsational Parade – Accidental parade watch number one happened when leaving Snow White and heading back to California Adventure. We watched this one in the best way possible by walking from the head of the parade to the end. It was like the speed through version. While I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to watch this one, it’s adorable, the floats are amazing, and the song mixes are delightfully weird. (Disneyland)
  18. Tower of Terror fast pass – It was even better the second time. This time we were in the front row, which none of us had experienced before. It was even more terrifying than usual. We were all a little disoriented after in the best way possible. (California Adventure)

    Photo Cred: Nice Human 2
  19. Pixar Play Parade – Surprise parade #2 for the day. For this one we got stuck on the wrong side of the parade for the resort shortcut from California Adventure to Downtown Disney (our dinner goal), and we made the mistake of thinking the middle of the parade was the start…and then walked in the wrong direction. So we walked from the middle to the beginning of the parade, and had to watch the whole thing in order to get to the resort entrance. While being super hungry made this one a little annoying to wait through, looking back I’m glad we watched it because it was really adorable and the wait only made dinner that much better. (California Adventure)
  20. Naples Ristorante e Pizzeria – Put our names in at the restaurant around 6:30 and then poked around Downtown Disney while we waited. World of Disney is absolutely massive and we kinda just did a straight walkthrough, but at some point I’ll go and take a closer look. There’s also a store now that is 95% Star Wars apparel with 5% of Marvel merch thrown in. A few more stores later it was finally time for dinner. Cassie and Matt split a pizza (which I tried a bite of and was delish) and I had gnocci with caramelized pear. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. (Downtown Disney)

    Photo Cred: Cassie
  21. World of Color – Celebrate! – Finally, after dinner we headed back into the park to end our night with the  World of Color which was recently changed a bit for the 60th anniversary show. For this we met up with some fellow friends and 2015 Ithaca Alum for the show. This was definitely our longest wait of the day, but after moving around so much our good spots and the chance to sit for a while was worth it. The last time I saw World of Color I was in a pretty terrible spot and could barely see anything, but this time we were dead center and right up against the rail which made a world of difference. It’s a hard show to describe since it’s so unlike anything else I’ve seen at other parks, but the water projections are super cool and if you can get a good viewpoint, the show is definitely worth seeing.

And with that we made the long trek back to the car.

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