Weekly Recap: 3.20.16 – 3.26.16

This week has been a week. I slept little, worked a lot, quit my job, accepted a new one, saw some movies, started a new routine, and hung out with some friends. Right now I’m busy getting ready for my first day tomorrow, so I’m going to keep this post short and simple. I’ll have a little bit longer week this week,  but let’s dive right in.

A few weeks ago I was catching up on youtube videos and watched Kayley Hyde’s “Favourites” video, which included her somewhat new experience with Bullet Journaling. In the weeks that followed I spent a few hours here and there looking more into the journal itself, the community surrounding it, and how it really is excellent for productivity. I know I’ve talked about this year being the year I take the time to focus on my own personal growth, but in the past few weeks I had started to feel unproductive as work was taking over my entire life. I had succumbed to my days being a cycle of work – sleep – and repeat, and I was starting to lose sight a little bit on my own projects. Enter Monday when I went out and bought a brand new Moleskine and some new Staedtlr pens (my old set was used to pieces and left at home). With the assistance of Ryder Carrol’s website, BohoBerry’s blog, and a couple pinterest posts I dove in with my own version of the Bullet Journal.

One of the best parts about bullet journaling is its customization and adaptability. You get the structure of a calendar and the keepsake of a journal all in one nifty place. While I’ve seen many bullet journalers (and the original) with daily spreads that keep two or three days per page, I’ve opted for a much more open page-per-day layout. I wanted to be able to have enough room for my daily recaps as well as my task lists. I tried to keep it as simple as possible so I started out with a very basic Calendex for the year, a monthly spread, and dailies. After this last week I decided to add a weekly spread because I found I had a lot of little things I wanted to note in the weekly spread but weren’t big enough for the monthly. However, now that I don’t have a constantly changing work schedule that needed the weekly spread – I might be able to scale it back once I’m done at the hotel.

Speaking of which, I quit my job. It’s no secret to anyone that I went to school for Television and Radio and didn’t necessarily make the leap to California just to stay in hospitality. However, the opportunity arose at the Beverly Hilton when I was moving out, and it made for a really nice safety net when I didn’t find something in the industry as soon as I moved out. As the past months went by, I found myself increasingly more grateful that I had the job at the hotel, but I also started falling into a bit of a routine, and had stopped sincerely looking for something else.

Then on Monday, an Ithaca alum posted that the talent agency she worked for was hiring. I sent her my resume and 20 minutes later I had an interview for Wednesday morning. By Thursday morning I was offered the job, and by Thursday afternoon I had quit the hotel, set my start date for Monday morning, and here I am. It all happened very fast and was a total whirlwind, but I’m really excited to be heading in the direction I want to be going in. I’m definitely going to miss the hotel and hospitality a little bit though. Sure, there were frustrating days and you deal with the crazy people who you just want to tell, “Relax, you’re on VACATION,” but the people I worked with more than made up for it and I’ll be sad to see them go. Luckily, they’re only half a mile down the street so I can still say hi every once in a while.

As for the movies – I went to a preview screening of Blumhouse’s upcoming(ish) movie, “Bye Bye Man” and other than recommending you see it, I can’t say much more than that. The other one I saw was “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.” It was exactly what you would expect it to be, and if that’s what you’re looking for, you will love it. I thoroughly enjoyed every second and while there were quite a few plot points that I didn’t totally believe, I would still recommend it to anyone who loves the first one. Plus, there’s the added bonus of John Stamos, which is really enough reason to watch anything.

So with that, I’m going to go get ready for my first day of work tomorrow and go to bed early. And yes family, I’m going to meditate and I’m going to love it. (They all laughed mercilessly today when I facetimed them for Easter, but hey, when they’re old and brain dead I’m just going to tell them they could have meditated and still retained their cognitive brain functions. …maybe I have been in California too long…)

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