Weekly Recap: 3.27.16 – 4.2.16

Happy Monday!

I know I like to try and get these up on Sundays but I was busy between work and getting everything ready for the mom visit! Monday and Tuesday were a little crazy because I was balancing new job in the morning and old job in the evening. The rest of the week I was able to settle into my 12-8 schedule at WME and I’m excited to get into that routine after mom leaves. I’m really enjoying the job so far and adore the other girls I work with.

Friday night I had game night with Cody, Hannah, and Nick at my place. We wanted to play Talisman (a group board game favorite) and hadn’t played in ages. Per usual, we all me¬†started losing our attention spans towards the end but had a great time. Hannah, always the least assuming player, came out of nowhere in the end with her squad of followers and brute strength to defeat the Eagle King (always the worst alternate ending).

By Saturday my week had caught up with me and I was hit with a migraine and wound up sleeping most of the morning away. So much for my productive plans to do all my laundry before mom arrives. I needed the rest though, and gladly took the opportunity to relax and watch The O.C. now that it’s easily watchable on Hulu. Around 4pm I had assembled myself into some sort of presentable human, made dinner, and was prepared for Cody’s birthday party. Somewhat last minute I decided to bring brownies, and ran to the store to make cookie/brownies with caramel. They were killer. The party was great – any excuse to get our friends congregated in one place (which rarely happens with everyone’s lives getting in the way) is a good excuse.

Sunday morning I woke up for work at the hotel 10 minutes after I was supposed to be there (thanks, iPhone alarm) and no one cared because it’s my last week anyway. Most of the people checking out were from a party at the hotel the night before so they were all in good moods which made for a smooth day. Cassie came over for a quick visit and dinner and I got her hooked on UnREAL. Such a good show – I just want season 2 now. A load of laundry and a Batmobile parked outside my apartment later, I was in bed.

Nothing too crazy happened last week but it was pretty packed with work things. This week, Mom and Aunt Patty arrive on Tuesday night! I might be a zombie by the time they get here, but that’s alright. I gotta pay rent somehow.

Have a good week!

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