I’m back. I promise (?)

I’m probably going to regret promising anything, but I’m really going to try to get my act together now. I’ve taken a break from writing (obviously) but I’m ready to get back into the swing of things.

I’m fully acclimated into work life after having been at WME for the past couple months. I’m enjoying it a lot and it’s definitely given me the opportunity to meet a ton of new people. I officially have no idea what I want to do with my life now, but I figure for now I’m just going to keep my options open and see where life takes me. The benefit of working at such a large company is it opens doors to almost every facet of the entertainment industry, but for now I’m definitely going to spend the next year + just figuring out where I want to go and get some agency experience.

Other than getting fully into work things, life’s been relatively quiet the past couple months. I’ve definitely kept busy and haven’t stopped exploring, but nothing particularly life changing has happened. Mom’s visited a couple times, and a couple weeks ago I had one of my best friends from college stay for the week. I’m so thankful that despite moving thousands of miles from home, I haven’t lost the relationships I’ve worried might become strained in the distance. If anything, they’ve become stronger as everyone has to try a little harder to stay together now that we’re not living in the same town.

I have some ideas for posts coming down the pipeline and am going to try my best to get them up and running. At reception I do have nearly 8 hours every day that can be dedicated to whatever I want them to be (while occasionally busy, I can guarantee reception is the least stressful job at WME).

So here’s to writing a little more and trying to get a little better at being productive with my time instead of spending hours wasting away on Reddit.

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